Must To Have Hi-Tech Car Stuff

Super Mini ELM 327 OBD 2 Smart Car Diagnostic Tools.

There is a lot of HI-Tech devices that we need at home in order to make our life easier and more comfortable. I’m using a lot of them, means I’m offering those which are tested by me and my family. By having some of them from my Hi-TECH collection, you can save money, time and nerve cells, which are not restorable.

For example, if suddenly you see that “Check Engine” light pop-ups om the dashboard of your car, means you are facing the dealership service department visit. You need to spend the time to drive back and forth. You need to pay money for the service (they have a flat rate min = $120 for this job – checking and removing error message) and so on. But, don’t worry, there is a way to be a “Check Engine” light specialist for your car.

How? You need to have a device which can help you solve two problems. First, monitor your car computer and tell you what is the REASON for that light come up, so you can evaluate the problem and decide how to solve it. Secondly, the device can ERASE the error message and allows your car to function properly.
The situation from my own experience: I have a Chevy “VOLT” 2012. Last month it’s stopped to charge the battery due to a low level in battery cooling system. My car is smart, so it’s telling you what the reason is. I solve the problem by adding particular cooling liquid to the system, but due to an existing message, the car still refused to charge. Looks like despite your fix the problem, manufacture is forcing you to go to the dealership, to pay money in order to remove the error message from the car computer.

I decided to save time and money. I bought a device SUPER MINI ELM 327 – Option2 for iPhone below and I was able to SEE the ERROR CODE and more important TO ERASE the error message from car computer.So,  I was able to start charging my battery right away. By the way, some cars showing the “Check engine” light due to the gas tank cap is not properly closed and people paying $120 for removing the light from the dashboard.

The device is easy to use. It’s working with an application from Google Play store or Apple Store, so you can see the real situation with your car on your phone screen.

We are offering three different options. Please, choose your option which is matches with your phone operating system.from the drop-down window below:

ELM 327 OBD 2 Options

OPTION 1 for Android OS

1.Super Mini ELM 327 HHOBD2 V2.1  

Smart Car Diagnostic Tool for Android/Windows

Connection by Bluetooth





OPTION 2 for iPhone OS

2. Super Mini ELM 327 WIFI PIC18F25K80                  

Chip OBD2 V1.5 Car Diagnostic Tool for iPhone

Connection by Wi-Fi





OPTION 3 for Diesel, Track

3. Super Mini ELM 327 WIFI Chip OBD2 V1.5   

Car Diagnostic Tool for Diesel Track

Connection by Wi-Fi





Because of the different operating system,

MINI ELM 327 is different for the different user interface.

See for yourself how it works.