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I Want To Share My Own Experience With Made in USA VOLT.
I’m glad that I bought 2012 “Volt” almost 2 years ago. Now I’m saving money on my everyday commute, so can do you.

Follow the simple math:

My commute is 72 miles two ways. Before I had Chrysler “Sebring Lxi” with 25 MPG, so the price for me was almost 3 gallons of gas.- around $10, plus oil change every 5K miles.
Now, by buying the “Volt” I was able to increase MPG 4 times and decrease the commute price to $2.85. The math is simple: I’m  spending only $ 0.9 for battery charging, which gives me 40 miles raid without spending gas, and only 0.65 gallons of gas for the rest 30 miles. By the way, for “Volt” you need the oil change just one time for 2 years.

The additional advantages:

1.Quiet ride, so you can listen to your favorite music or news without extra noise:

2. Very stable and soft entering into any curve due to the low center of mass for Volt because of battery:

3. Convenience and comfort for driver due to sensors and touchscreen instead of buttons

4. Nobody noticed that you are going out of home…

Go ahead and try for yourself. More then 100000 Volts on the American roads today.
Congratulations for the first hundred thousand wise American, I’m in.


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