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Honestly, I’m surprised with electric toothbrush Philips Sonicare. This is a GREAT product to use for everyday personal care, but the problem is the PRICE for replaceable heads.

I’m wondering – this is a piece of plastic, without moving parts, but 6 heads have a price which is comparable to the NEW PHILIPS SONICARE TOOTHBRUSH? 

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Bristles_SizeIt nice to see you here on my site.

I would like to offer you the great replacement of Original Philips Sonicare Toothbrush.
My toothbrush is the Adult size (10 rows of bristles) High-quality generic replacement brush heads made with end-rounded US Dupont Tynex Nylon bristles for offer exceptional cleaning of tooth surfaces and deep between the teeth.
It effectively removes plaque without irritating gums.
I don’t know about you but I’m not comfortable with fact – to pay ALMOST $40.00 for 6 toothbrushes in the Costco. This is why I decided to make this offer for everyone who would like to save on this kind of purchase.
Shipping price will be $1.49 only. 


          $10 OFFER FROM US                          VS                                $39.74  OFFER FROM COSTCO


Why do we NEED to CHANGE the toothbrush EVERY THREE months or under Particular Circumstances?
So, the answer from dentist professionals at Brinton Lake:
is your brush became the home populated with billions of bacteria, despite you give GOOD rinsing for your brush when you’ve finished brushing, Moreover, the warm and damp environment in your toothbrush – this is what bacteria needs to breed and grow.
is when bristles wear down it’s up to 95% less effective at removing plaque. At that point, it’s almost like not brushing your teeth at all.
is the illness. It’s best to change your toothbrush after you’ve gotten sick because you can infect yourself with bad bacteria thru the toothbrush over and over again.  




Go ahead and click “Buy Now” below in order to save your tooth & money.

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    By Jim on August 18, 2016

    Hi. Will your brushes fit the sonicare essential clean. Where can I see your heads. Thanks

      By admin on June 14, 2017

      Sure, You can check the shape from the bottom of the toothbrush. It’s a half of round. Take off you head brush from the base and check. See the video:
      Thank you.

    By admin on June 05, 2017

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