Your Personal Coach At Your Wrist

HEALTH IS THE GREATEST GIFT, and it’s your personal responsibility.

I’m wondering why people don’t pay attention to their own health. They are eating everything without any thoughts about what will be the consequences. For sure, everyone can do what he wants but then the time will come and your body will ask you a simple question; WHAT YOU PERSONALLY DID IN ORDER TO BE HEALTHY AND IN GOOD SHAPE?

I believe that we are what we are eating and drinking. The simple math works the calories that you take VS the calories that you spent. If the sum of this equation is positive that sorry, you’ll get more weight. This is how our body works, it always “thinking” about future and keeping extra calories inside. Thank you for the new technology we have a helper now which can help us to track a lot of stuff without any hassle.

I’m using the SMART BAND ID115 and happy to have it for a lot of reasons.


Take a look: and let me introduce the light bracelet – 18 grams weight, with 0.86″ OLED screen which can track your steps, calories, heart rate and much more…

This guy, when connected to your smartphone, shows all information on the phone screen by using application “VeryFit” which you can easily download FREE from    Apple store  or Google store